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Stylo Drum Coffee Table


Giza Coffee Table


Vista Coffee Table


Helix Coffee Table


Kelon Round Coffee Table


Dextor Coffee Table


Torento Coffee Table


Jelfa Storage Coffee Table


Jelfa Coffee Table


Chiro Double Tray Coffee Table


Hawk Round Coffee Table (Metal Legs)


Levisa Coffee Table


Torento Coffee Table


Lizax Coffee Table


Vanilla Coffee Table


Spark Coffee Table With Drawers


Temisa Coffee Table


Spark Coffee Table


Tunis Storage Coffee Table


Duplex Herringbone Storage Coffee Table


Duplex Herringbone Coffee Table


Vista Coffee Table


Hexon Coffee Table


Levisa Coffee Table


Coffee Table had been part of the furniture composition for most homes for a long time. The elegance and deep sense of royalty it adds to your home make it an ideal choice if you are looking for an extra luxury to add to the home. In addition, they are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials, so you cannot run out of choice. 

Buy a coffee table online at the best price in India.

The internet has opened India up to a world of ease and possibilities; you can easily shop for your furniture in the comfort of your homes and without breaking a sweat. You don’t have to pass through the extreme rigors of queening up and pricing your choice of furniture. 

 With the click of a finger on your mouse or by just using your phone, you can place an order for what you want and have it delivered to you when you want it. This ease is what you enjoy when you buy from online furniture stores such as Best of Exports.


Things to consider before buying a center table for living room

It all rises and rests on your lifestyle, nothing is more important than what glitters and calls you on, so this is the first place to look when you want to buy a center table for living room. Does it fit your plans for the house, does it come cheap, or is it a luxury investment?

These factors will be considered at length, and then the make of the table, is it glass, wooden, and could the wood be hard or soft? The most important thing to take home is that you call the shots here and decide what fits and what doesn’t count; other factors will include: 



Is it going to be wooden material, a glass center, or maybe as the choices are tilting now, a more modern and elegant-looking marble material? Some might choose a metal material; in all of this, the choice is solely in your hands; you decide what you want and how you want it. 



In addition to the material, the composition is the shape of the table, with varieties to choose from all at your disposal. For example, if this ticks the list for you, you can opt for the round center table for living room or go with a square or rectangle shape table; you also have the oval shape to choose from. 



Here the eyes are on the designer; what industry experience does the company have, is the company known for creating durable furniture? What are the designs like, are they modern, luxury coated, and do they fit into the modern-day reality of a center table for living room? These questions will guide your choice. 


Check out the materials of coffee tables online available at Best of Exports

Buying online has never been this easy, with a long list of options to select from and the ability to compare prices, despite the ease and luxury that comes with doing everything within the confines of your home and at your comfort. Making a choice online takes more than willpower. 

Your choice is tested along the line of cost, design, and preference. At Best of Exports, we give you all of this and an exclusive catalog of designs to choose from; regardless of your budget, we always have a product that matches it and ticks every requirement off your list. Here are few available materials for our coffee tables: 


Wooden Coffee Tables

We have the finest collection of wooden coffee table in India and we refine our products with the best of hands to meet today’s furniture requirements. Oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, poplar, and pine. You will never run out of luck with our inventory of woods; we always have the best. 


Glass Coffee Tables

We understand modern designs for coffee tables have gone beyond the traditional wood designs; this gives credence to our long collection of glass coffee table products made especially to meet your furniture demands and give your home that extra touch of magic. 


Marble Coffee Tables

If glass kills it, then marbles table the entire list to a different dimension. This dimension, our rich collection of marble coffee tableswill surely blow your mind and give you that balance you require at home. We are constantly watching out for what you love, and we know marbles are your thing. 


Metal Coffee Tables

Metal coffee tables are making a definition in the market; this is for many good reasons. Unlike glass and marble, they are more durable, and if you are in a house with kids, this choice is a better alternative to glass and marbles, as you will have them for a long time. We have a fine catalog of coffee tables!


A quick guide to choosing the right coffee table for living room

One of the essential features of every furniture accessory is its ability to compliment your other furniture and create an ambiance that sparks flames of elegance and royalty; nothing does it better than this. Know what works; it can be the color, the design, the goal is never to be a little off. 

The material is yet another feature that strikes some importance, is it made of glass, wood or marble, can it fit into the space allocated and then, can it be easily moved, or you would want something permanently fixed in its place. So these are some of the choices to make here. 


Benefits of buying coffee table online from Best of Exports

You enjoy customization when you shop for your furniture at Best of Exports. We are always here to give you a piece of furniture that is uniquely your make and adds a sparkle of gold, you choose what you want, and it is crafted to meet your choice.  You also enjoy amazing discounts and fantastic customer support when you opt to buy center table online from Best of Exports. 



What types of coffee tables are in style?

Tables with bright accents, and glass tops, with mental bases, are standard features of today’s demand for furniture. When it comes to coffee tables, there is the need to blend old designs with modern features. However, glass tops will always win this, as it adds an elegant dimension to your furniture choices. 


What is the ideal height for a coffee table?

coffee table shouldn’t be too high to too low; it should fit somewhere around the cushions of your sofa or an inch lower. Anything more or less will make it look a little off!