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Crown Wall Shelf


Harvey Wall Shelf


Arba Wall Shelf


Gimbi Shelving Unit


Kington Book Shelf


Zinway Wall Shelf


Angila Wall Shelf


Angila Wall Shelf


Windsor Wall Shelf


Temisa Wall Shelf


Duster Book Shelf – Media Unit


Torento Bookshelf


Torento Bookshelf


Bliss Shelving Unit


Vanilla Bookshelf(small)


Vanilla Bookshelf(small)


Vanilla Bookshelf (Big)


Vanilla Bookshelf (Big)


Alpine Nu Side Table


Vista Bookshelf


Vista Bookshelf


Vista Bookcase


Amigo Shelving Unit


Rinas Shelving Unit


Of all living room furniture, bookshelves are an excellent choice when it comes to beautiful, organized, and displayable storage for materials like books— of course, of all shapes, colors, sizes, and content distinctions, decorations, especially if you are an art person and a collector, pictures you are happy and proud about, or memorabilia you’re comfortable to let your visitors explore. 

Buy Bookshelf Online at Best Price in India

Arguably the best living room furniture for storage of materials and a neat display of endeared items, bookshelves come in different shapes, sizes designs to fit in and add that little unique touch of brilliance to living spaces. 

They are largely available in the furniture market, both online and offline physical stores, and can be collected at different prices, mostly dependent on brand, design and model, and the purchase stores’ consumer product and service price listing.

The internet is rapidly exposing India to ease, comfort, and vast possibilities when it comes to product-market experience; you can buy your furniture in the comfort of your homes without stress.

With as little as just clicking a ‘check out’ or ‘purchase’ icon on the best and affordable sites you can access, you can place an order for your desired products and get them delivered to your doorstep, and save yourself from the exhaustion of having to queue up at physical stores.

This great purchasing service is sure to be gotten if you visit, browse for your desired material, and purchase from top sites like Best of Exports.

Wooden Bookshelf – To Arrange Your Books in a Stylish Way

Wooden bookshelves are considered timeless because of their sense of antiquity and tradition; they hold a unique spice that noticeably punctures your living-space contour with old and yet, fresh and loveable highlights.

This is an advantage that cannot be overlooked most slightly, especially if you are a person that is usually naturally connected to materials that retain the scent of nature.

They are an excellent choice for a stylish arrangement of your books, small personal items that will surely be explored by your and your visitors’ eyes, giving that the recent trends in their manufacturing the awesome chance to select from a wide range of wood types, color, shape, style, space, and size— which are very important factors!

Explore the wide range of Bookcase Online

Although slightly different from bookshelves because of their encasements, bookcases are also widely sold in online furniture stores at best and affordable prices. It is hard to select from the vast presentation of enticing bookcases online. However, we’ve arranged a great explorable list at Best of Exports.

Wooden Bookshelf

This furniture offers a specific kind of bliss to its users— the grace of exquisite craft. Being carefully made from a wide variety of naturally super antibacterial wood for high durability and class

wooden bookshelf can hold up, together, all your pieces of memories and worlds hidden within words in books!

Metal Bookshelf

This kind of furniture, made from the basic opposite of wood in regards to density and strength— metal, also offers a trending carrying capacity for books, figurines, other small personal items you don’t want to hide away and is fit for living spaces, highlighting them with exquisitely handled metal bodywork.

Wooden Wall Shelves

Also known as floating shelves, wall shelves come in various shapes, styles, and contemporary antique feature contrasts. They are built to emphasize simplicity, which is its advantage, makes them excellent fits for little, overcrowded, or less artistic, grand, and more minimalistic work or/and living spaces.

Corner Shelves

The modern trend in shelves offers an insane versatility, with wide-ranging variety picks, including corner shelves, also known as floating shelves and corner bookshelves. These corner shelves save space in simple yet awesome style as they are majorly wall-corner attachments & look super decorative and minimal.

Wooden Wall Shelves – A Style Statement for Modern Household

With an ever-changing trend in home-space, modernity has also become a dynamic factor in living space design and contour, endlessly being affected by taste, class, and desire of homemakers and families, and individuals.

In this light, every modern home deserves a modern storage space for small libraries and art collections. Hence, the importance of wall shelves, which will offer a floating, and uneasily dented grace to your living and working spaces.

These wall shelves come mostly in wood, probably because wooden wall shelves are a style statement for the modern household, considering the colorful and artistic highlight they put in with their excellent craft. However, there are also metal offers.

Benefits of Buying Bookshelf online from Best of Exports

At Best of Exports, we offer a wide variety of wooden bookshelves, made from beautiful and durable traditional and globally high-rated wood, rusted, domestic, and industrial designs; and you also enjoy customization if you dare to purchase your furniture from Best of Exports. 

Best of Exports is also always here to lend an extra hand in installing furniture from us, as customer support, seeing that most customers find it hard to fit their newly acquired furniture in their living spaces perfectly.

You can also enjoy amazing discounts on available products, terms, and conditions applied when you purchase from Best of Exports. We love and cherish our customers, so we try to make purchasing furniture an exciting and less expensive activity!



1.      What materials are used for making bookshelves?

Bookshelves are usually made from wood and metal as the basic materials for the structural framework. However, these materials are varied in type, source, and physical properties, which make every made bookshelf a piece of unique furniture amongst other furniture in a living space.

2.      What are the types of bookshelf designs available?

The types of bookshelves available in the market are mostly wall bookshelves and corner bookshelves, which are top-notch choices for saving space and materials for intended collective purposes in smart style. However, bookcases and large stationary bookshelves are also available.